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Important Message to Potential Donors of Items

Dear Valued Donors to Charities across Canada, as you are undoubtably aware, we are living in an exceptional period in history. The need for donated items will be even greater than it was before.

While you are spending more time at home, you may find yourself going through what you have and designating things to give away, which is great.

Some charities and their clients may be urgently in need and want what you want to give ASAP. And some charities may not be accepting items at the moment due to various reasons. Therefore, I highly encourage donors of items to contact the charities directly first, BEFORE going to their locations to drop off items. Some have reduced access to their buildings, some have reduced staff due to social distancing, some may not have the space to accept more donations if their staff hasn’t been able to get to work, etc.

Perhaps tag/bag/box your donation and hold on to it at your home until the charity of your choice is accepting items again, or seek-out a different charity to give your items if you can’t wait. Reminder that CharityWishList.ca (CWL) is like a directory, to help potential donors find Canadian Registered Charities that want what the donor wants to give away. CWL does not accept items itself. Thank you and please be healthy and safe. – Michelle Beaupre, Owner of CharityWishList.ca & MBFM.ca)

Sorting through your stuff? YouTube has a lot of videos. Here is one talking about the Marie Kondo Method (a principle being if it doesn’t give you joy – or serve a purpose – get rid of it – give away to charity if the item is gently used/still in usable condition / recycle if possible if not in useable condition. Garbage only as last resort. This helps people, our communities, and the environment.)


Owner, CharityWishList.ca

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