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This website, and what can be achieved by it, is limited by having zero budget.

If someone has the money to put into my idea of this website, maybe something great will come of it …  like combining peanut butter and chocolate.

GoFundMe – CharityWishList.ca …. Helping people help the environment.

• CharityWishList.ca is not itself a charity so tax receipts are not possible.
• I am not collecting money for any charity with this GoFundMe, you are helping me help charities with my CharityWishList.ca website.
• You can help keep the website free for charities’ WishLists/Events to be added by me and free for the public to use.

If a large amount of money can be raised imagine what this website could become and the impact it could have right across Canada.

Michelle Beaupre
Bachelor of Social Sciences, Concentration Sociology and Concentration Music (University of Ottawa)


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