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If you are in a position to help fund the running of this website it would be greatly appreciated. I have solely funded it since 2005.

• CharityWishList.ca is not itself a charity so tax receipts are not possible.
• I am not collecting money for any charity with this GoFundMe, and I don’t collect any items. There’s no cost to post information for charities or donors.

The whole point of this website is to help charities, and the persons donating items to charities, and the charities that receive those items so they have more available to them to help their cause. Also, it’s good for the environment that we get as much use out of items before they go to landfills, it slows down the need to open new landfills elsewhere. This website is so rare because there’s no money in it for the person organizing/running it. And that’s ok, it would just be great if I could come out even, at least until I win a lottery. If a lot of folks gave $5 that would be greatly appreciated.


Michelle Beaupre, Owner/Manager, CharityWishList.ca
Bachelor Social Sciences, Concentrations Sociology and Music (University of Ottawa)
Currently in the part-time Fundraising Management Certificate Program, Algonquin College (A+)


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