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Request for Sponsors

Dear Canadian Business Community:

This website is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to learn of events of charities that they may want to sponsor in the future. Donors to find charities and charities to increase donations of what they want instead of what they can’t use. It also expands the reach of various charities’ event sponsors by reaching a wider audience through the Calendar of Events. This website provides an important opportunity to easily and quickly connect donors and charities before someone gives up and tosses stuff prematurely into land sites causing them to fill up more quickly than they need to fill up.

Diverting still good items is so important. It helps the environment, the animals, our ecosystems, and creates more items that charities can redistribute to their clients in need, and provides opportunities for those who are not in financial need but see the wisdom in sharing the lifecycle of what we create for as long as possible by buying other people’s no longer wanted items available for reuse.

Hello! I created CharityWishList.ca in 2005. It has remained (and will continue to remain as long as it exists) free for donors and charities to use so they can quickly and easily connect with each other.

I have been running this website for these past 14 years at my own personal expense with zero budget. As I help to connect a large variety of charities to potential donors, but don’t collect anything at all myself, this site gets more expensive to maintain as it gains popularity in this age of “If it doesn’t give you joy, throw it out.” – a popular organizing show movement is gaining momentum. Expenses like software, WordPress managed accounts, email, security certificates, trademark renewal fees, URL fees, Facebook ads, responding to inquiries, researching, admin hours, etc … while not being eligible for the benefits that nonprofits and charities can access to run their endeavour.

CharityWishList.ca is itself technically a business that doesn’t sell anything. But I believe so strongly in the need for it. So before I have to close it down because I can’t afford to maintain it while seeking employment, I am now asking my fellow corporate/business community to help me provide this community support, by sending your marketing support my way if you can. I am not asking for you to touch anything in your charity budget. Rather I am asking that when you are considering your marketing budget, could you please become a CharityWishList.ca sponsor? CharityWishList.ca aims to cover all of Canada so your community support / marketing dollars will have potential for great reach. I would be honoured and would love to make running and growing the information on CharitWishList.ca my full-time job.

More information is available on the Sponsorship page.

Michelle Beaupre, Bac Soc Sc, uOttawa (and currently in the Fundraising Management Certificate Program, Algonquin College)
Email: michelle.beaupre@charitywishlist.ca


Owner, CharityWishList.ca

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