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You just clicked too soon.

  1. Select ‘Charities – which want your stuff” from the menu next to HOME and then
  2. Place your cursor over the province you want to donate in, without clicking
  3. Another menu will appear, slide your cursor to the city you want, without clicking
  4. Another menu will appear, scroll through the menu until you see the item type you want to give away/donate and only then click on it. Thanks!


  1. I have a working dryer.

    • Hi Ron, thank you for your inquiry. I don’t know at the moment. But I have reached out to an organization in Whitehorse to see if they can provide suggestions. I will let you know if they come up with any. Is the dryer gas or electric? Fully working?

      Michelle Beaupre
      Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  2. Guy Petitclerc

    good day I am in whitehorse yukon and I will like to give my old car to charity , run but to many leaks to be fixed , so I will like to give to charity

    • Hi Guy, thank you for asking. Unfortunately, even though I looked through a pile of charity websites in Whitehorse,that are listed on CRA website, I can’t find any interested in the donation of cars. I suggest you contact car scrap businesses, and if they offer you money for your car, perhaps you could donate it to the charity of your choosing? All the best, Michelle, CharityWishList.ca

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