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Questions / Feedback

Please either use the contact form below, or e-mail: info@charitywishlist.ca

Potential donors of items:

  • If you have found the charity that you want to donate something to, please contact them directly regarding pick-ups/drop-offs. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect anything itself.
  • If you need further suggestions/help finding a charity near you, please mention the city and province you are in, and the types of items/quantity you want to donate.

Canadian Registered Charities:

  • If you are a Canadian Registered Charity and you would like information added/updated etc., please e-mail me: michelle.beaupre@charitywishlist.ca or  info@charitywishlist.ca, or via the contact form below.
  • Include the province, city, and the URL (link) to your WishList on your organization’s website.
  • Note that I will verify that your charitable status is active/listed on the CRA website before posting your info.

Corporate Sponsors:

  • If you are a company that is looking to sponsor a charity’s event, but don’t know of charities wanting to be sponsored, please contact me and I can make suggestions.
  • If you would like to sponsor CharityWishList.ca, so it can have a budget to purchase advertisements like Facebook Ads, and to focus dedicated resources on researching more charities to add to the website full-time, I would also LOVE to hear from you.
  • Note that CharityWishList.ca is not itself a charity, and does not charge for the contact information added/provided.
  • Feedback always welcome and appreciated.
  • E-mail: michelle.beaupre@charitywishlist.ca


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