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Donate Used Sports Equipment / Sports Clothes (Ottawa Area)

donate sports equipment Ottawa



(a social enterprise that operates under the umbrella of Causeway Work Centre which is a registered charity.)

Contact to donate bike(s):

“Accepting donations of used adult bikes and bike parts. Bikes are refurbished using a multi-point process and sold back to the public at fair prices. This diverts bikes from landfill, promotes cycling and helps us to provide supportive jobs and training to members of the community with mental health challenges and other barriers to employment.”

Donations can be dropped off during opening hours at 473 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa.

For store hours, drop off locations and more information, visit www.cyclesalvation.org.

Phone: (613) 288-1454

Email: [email protected]


Website: http://www.helpingwithfurniture.com

How to donate bikes and other types of items: https://hwfottawa.org/donations-dons

Ottawa, ON  By appointment.

Tel. 613-612-6228


WishList: http://senators.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=64510

“The Ottawa Senators along with Canadian Tire, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, the Sens Foundation and the Ottawa District Hockey Association, have joined forces to make hockey more accessible to disadvantaged youth across our region by collecting gently used and new hockey equipment.

Fans are encouraged to drop off their excess hockey equipment at any of Canadian Tire location across Ottawa throughout the year or at select Ottawa Senators games and events. See below for listing of participating stores and Senators events.

Equipment donations of all sizes and pieces are welcome, from skates to shin pads, helmets to shoulder pads, and goalie equipment to gloves. Equipment will be gathered and provided to the Ottawa District Hockey Association for cleaning, sorting and redistribution to children and families within the ODHA and affiliated associations who may not otherwise be able to play hockey.

Organizations wishing to donate new equipment or fund the purchase of items for Equipment for Kids are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt from the Sens Foundation. For more information, please contact the Sens Foundation by phone at 613-599-0323 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Charitable tax receipts are not available for donations by individuals or for the donation of used equipment.”

Participating Canadian Tire Stores [*Collection of equipment will be starting back up in the fall of 2021.]


Donate Used (and New) sporting goods and they will distribute to local Canadian charities in need (they deal with over 214 recipient agencies.)

Main website: https://www.crcrr.org/
Their donation info & contact page (linked from their main page: Gifts in-kind Ottawa – https://giftsinkindottawa.ca/

Miss Rasha Sweidan
Project Officer
[email protected]
Phone: 613-745-0073 x 133
Address (but please contact them before donating to make arrangements/confirm they can take your donation):
CRC Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC
Unit 122 – 815 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3A7



Accepts sporting goods and sports clothes/equipment.
Drop off possible at Ottawa thrift stores & home pick-ups possible.

Website: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca

Store Locator/Contact information/Hours : https://saintvincentdepaul.ca/our-locations


WishList: http://www.thriftstore.ca/about/ways-to-give

Many thrift store locations (Nepean and Ottawa Area): http://www.thriftstore.ca/locations

Donate sporting goods and sports clothing (in good condition) and household goods to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store! See wish list link above for what else they do and don’t accept.

Ottawa: T. 1-613-247-1435 x. 228


  1. Barry Desclouds

    Hi, I have a recumbent bike, treadmill , and two adult bikes I would like to donate but I am not sure how. They all work! Can you help me out?

  2. have 3 basketball nets from school that was converted to seniors apartments looking to donate.

  3. I have a commercial Life Fitness elliptical that I’m looking to donate to a charity. It wouldn’t be appropriate for St Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army. Any suggestions, its a fairly large machine in good working order.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Chris, I would suggest contacting the Sens Foundation by phone at 613-599-0323 or by e-mail at [email protected] they might want a commercial Life Fitness elliptical for the charities they help out. If that doesn’t work out, let me know and I’ll see what else we can come up with. Maybe a minor hockey team.

      • Hi, I sent 2 different emails to the [email protected] and neither one received any reply.

        So i assume that they are not interested. Is there another option out there? I would think that this is something that you would think someone could benefit from.

        • CharityWishList.ca

          Hi Chris, sorry to hear that you are having difficulty reaching them. They may be swamped with inquiries. They are currently not open. I will look into it when their office is open Friday. Have you tried any of the other charities from the CharityWishList.ca website?

        • CharityWishList.ca

          Hi Chris, I just spoke with Barry at the Sens Foundation. He is working on finding a group interested in your donation of gym equipment. He will be in touch with you directly as soon as he hears back from his contacts. Thanks.
          Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  4. Hello, We have a home gym that we no longer require as we are downsizing. We purchased it from Fitness Depot in January 2007.

    It is very big and would need to be disassembled for moving.

    Is this something your organization would be interested in?

    Thank you

  5. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask. I am a Recreation Director in our small community (population about 1000). I am looking for new or used hockey equipments for all ages. If anyone can help me, or where to ask for donations. Thank you

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Natelena, thank you for your question. In which city and province are you located?
      – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi, ok Clyde River, Nunavut, thanks. I have mentioned your request to someone who was looking to donate equipment recently. If they are interested and still have the equipment they will likely contact you directly. You may want to try hockey organizations, maybe sometimes they could have too much of certain equipment donations and perhaps could share with you any excess?

      Best of luck,
      Michelle Beaupre
      Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  6. Looking for hockey equipment so I can play sledge hockey. Everything else fee and attendant wise is covered but this will be the 5th sport where either transportation or equipment is the issue not the cost itself as that is covered by the passport program but without the equipment I still can’t play and where I had connections fell through ie did not follow up and season starts next week. Do I even pick up the sledge knowing next week without equipment I will just have to return it!
    Forehead 22 inches 56cm
    Underarms down 38-40 inches 97-100cm

  7. Hi

    With the COVID going on, do you accept used hockey equipment. Has not been used for years but it is a full set. In great shape, along with some older wooden sticks.

    • Hi Mark, thank you for wanting to donate your hockey equipment. CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, I help you find charities interested in what you want to give away. Nothing is collected directly. I have left a voice message for the Senators Community Foundation to call me back to see if they have a program currently accepting donations of hockey equipment. I will email you once I hear back. If they don’t I will try a few more places for you.
      Michelle Beaupre

  8. I’m looking to give away some adult hockey shoulder pads, elbow pads and pants to avoid putting them in the garbage. All are well used but serviceable, size X-large. Any suggestions?



    • Hi Alan, a few options:
      “Likely the easiest location to donate the equipment is to visit one of our Sensplexes, once they are reopened and donate the equipment there. There are hockey net receptacles in the main lobby of the Bell and Richcraft Sensplexes that accept donations for our Equipment for Kids program. Alternatively, he could also visit one of the eleven participating Canadian Tire locations in the fall when the net receptacles are more likely to be available in their stores (they usually remove them in the spring/summer). – Director, Fan and Community Development, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club.

      Or, you could donate to Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Charity), here is the link to the donation bin locator for Ottawa: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca/our-locations

      Thank you for going to the effort to re-home the items so someone can make use of them, rather than tossing them away.

      Hope this info helps,
      Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  9. Hi, I am looking to donate a universal gym. It would need to be disassembled as it is quite large. I also have an exercise bike I wish to donate as well.

    • Hi Bruce, that’s wonderful. Maybe try the “RIDEAU-ROCKCLIFFE RESOURCE CENTRE”
      “Donate Used (and New) Furniture and they will distribute to local Canadian charities in need (they deal with over 214 recipient agencies.)

      Main website: https://www.crcrr.org/
      Their donation info & contact page (linked from their main page: Gifts in-kind Ottawa – https://giftsinkindottawa.ca/

      Mr. Ahmet Kapici
      Project Officer
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 613-745-0073 x 104
      Address (but please contact them before donating to make arrangements/confirm they can take your donation):
      CRC Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC
      Unit 3 – 815 St. Laurent Blvd
      Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3A7

  10. I have 14 rolls of trainers choice sports/athletic tape left over from my kinesiology degree that I would like to donate. They are all still in the original (opened) box. Do you know of any places that would take these?

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