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Donate Used Appliances – Kitchen & Laundry etc. (Ottawa Area)



WishList: https://www.cartyhouse.org/donate-items/

  • E.g., Kitchenware (small appliances such as microwaves, toasters, and electric kettles; cutlery, dinner plates/bowls, coffee mugs and glasses, etc.) see their wishlist for more info.

Contact to drop-off items: Dominique Desjardins, Program Coordinator, Carty House
Email: [email protected]
Ottawa, ON 


Need for household items, such as dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, sheets and towels for new families moving into the area. (Also clothes, food, see other page categories).

WishList: https://www.caldwellfamilycentre.ca/wish-list/

T. 613-728-1800
[email protected]
ATTN: Maurice Courchesne


ReStore (National Capital Region, Ottawa)

Usually accepted: Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Stoves

Although the ReStores appreciate all offers of donations, there are times, because of supply and demand, that they stop accepting certain products. Please call before donating – 613-225-8400 or 613-744-7769.

See what they accept and don’t: https://habitatgo.com/restore/what-we-accept/


WishList of items wanted in good condition:

  • washer/dryers
  • fridges/stoves
  • also, furniture, including beds and mattresses, very good condition couches, tables, dressers
  • house supplies like pots and pans, small appliances
  • electronics including working computers, TVs etc.

Note: if the distance to pick-up is long, it would be appreciated if the donor shares the mover’s expenses. Thanks.

Contact either:

Sidney Santillan, Transition and Housing Support Worker
Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
613-729-3145 ext 260

Address: 219 Argyle Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2H4
E-mail: [email protected]
Attention Christine Uwanyilgira, or Sidney Santillan
Website: http://www.immigrantwomenservices.com


Donate Used (and New) Appliances and they will distribute to local Canadian charities in need (they deal with over 214 recipient agencies.) (Yes, they accept used washers / dryers / fridge / stove / air conditioners in good condition.)

Main website: https://www.crcrr.org/
Their donation info & contact page (linked from their main page: Gifts in-kind Ottawa – https://giftsinkindottawa.ca/

Miss Rasha Sweidan
Project Officer
[email protected]
Phone: 613-745-0073 x 133
Address (but please contact them before donating to make arrangements/confirm they can take your donation):
CRC Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC
Unit 122 – 815 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3A7


Rebranding to: https://chezvincent.org/en/home/

Microwaves (working) are especially appreciated and in high demand. Clients are often setting up new apartments.

Donate clothing, furniture (not large appliances), various household items e.g. pots, pans, plates, glasses etc. Drop off at store & home pick-ups. (No computers/no high tech items please.)

Ontario SVP Thrift Store Locator: https://ssvp.on.ca/en/stores.php


Complete WishList:

Air Conditioners (only in spring and summer), small appliances (working), lamps & light fixtures. Note: does not accept stove, fridge, laundry machines.

6 thrift store locations (Ottawa): http://www.thriftstore.ca/locations


Donate gently used clothing and household goods to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store! See wish list link above for what they do and don’t accept.

If you would like to make a donation of furniture (or other items from the wish list) and would like your items picked up free of charge, please call:

Ottawa: 1-613-247-1435 x. 228


  1. I have a 8 years old queen size mattress. It is in great condition & I would like to donate & recycled it to a good home. If possible can I have it picked up by Saturday.

    • Hello Diane, thank you for wanting to donate your mattress. You would need to directly contact one of the charities listed above at https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/ottawa/appliances-kitchen-laundry/ to arrange for pick-up.

      • Have working washer and dryer to donate but must be picked up m in c Gloucester, on

        • Hi Lenda, thank you for seeking out a new home for your washer and dryer. I suggest contacting the ReStore of Habitat for Humanity (according to their website they pick-up for free with certain conditions like not entering your home.) Or the Immigrant Women’s Services are also interested in Washers & Dryers. Both are listed on my CharityWishList.ca website: https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/ottawa/appliances-kitchen-laundry/

          Hope this helps (CharityWishList.ca is like a directory to help you easily find charities near you that are interested in what you want to donate – I don’t collect any items myself.)

          Michelle Beaupre

        • If it is working I could make arrangement to have it picked up my daughter washer is broken and she has 4 children. Please let me know.

          • Hi Lenda/Marc, I will also email you. I received your request for a washer for your daughter. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect or give away any items. It is like a directory for people who want to give stuff away, to know which charities near them that they can contact that have indicated an interest in receiving the type of item. If you are in Ottawa, you could contact social services who work with a lot of the charities like Saint Vincent de Paul, Caldwell Family Services, and the Salvation Army. Perhaps they can connect you with an organization that can help you with your washing machine request. Habitat for Humanity at their Re-Store sometimes has gently used washing machines at a good price. You can call the city directory at 311; or you could do a search of services online via http://www.211.ca I hope this information is helpful. Sincerely, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  2. I am selling my townhome in Ottawa and have a nearly new dishwasher to give away. Would you accept this as a donation and if so what is the process?

  3. Hi ,
    Iam in really need for a washer machine I can’t offer that especially I have 5 kids .

    I Appreciate any help
    Thank you

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello Mme Huda, good to call Immigrant Women Services,
      Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
      Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
      Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
      Telephone: 613-729-3145 ext 260 E-mail: [email protected]
      They may be able to help you.

      Or, maybe try Saint Vincent de Paul store email for assistance: [email protected] website: http://www.ssvp.on.ca/rc/assistance.php
      at telephone: 613-722-7166

      Or, Habitat for Humanity at: http://www.habitatncr.com/index.php/restore/locations-hours
      ReStore EAST: 768 Belfast (note the move from Walkley) 613-744-7769;
      or ReStore WEST: 7 Enterprise Avenue 613-225-8400.

      If they can’t help you, you could try a church near you, perhaps they could ask their members if someone has a washer they could give you. I hope this information helps. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect any items so we have none to give out. It is a directory to help people wanting to donate items find charities that want to receive them. Best of luck. – Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  4. I’ve got washer, dryer, fridge and stove all in working condition, can drop off but only today.

  5. Hi I have a three seat couch leather type in great condition and the single chair, which organization could pick it up in Nepean?

  6. Used full sized oven in great condition (29′ wide)… Looking to donate asap but Im disabled (no way to support transportation). 613 255 5241 please call anytime, I’m home all day every day for someone to come pick up. [email protected]
    My name is Jenny 613 255 5241

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Jenny, thank you for wanting to find a charity interested in your oven. CharityWishList.ca just provides contact information of charities near you that have shown an interest in what you want to give away, then you have to contact them directly to arrange for pick-up. For the Ottawa area, and an oven, I would suggest Habbitat for Humanity please call before donating – 613-225-8400 or 613-744-7769. Or Immigrant Women Services Ottawa – Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231 And/or Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor 613-729-3145 ext 260. I hope this info is useful to you. Best of luck, Michelle Beaupre – Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  7. I notice that many services don’t want dishwashers, is there a reason for that?

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Lorraine, likely there isn’t a big enough demand for dishwashers to warrant charities collecting them and then having them take up floor space until someone wants it. As well it is not as obvious if a dishwasher is in good working order – hoses etc. so much as say a piece of furniture would be from simple visual inspection. And then there is the cost of transporting it and the weight. And the hydro cost for people to run the dishwasher – cheaper to do by hand. But you could try, for example, IMMIGRANT WOMEN SERVICES OTTAWA if you are looking to find a new home for a dishwasher … contact info: https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/ottawa/appliances-kitchen-laundry/
      Thanks for your question,
      Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  8. We are remodelling a room to convert to accessible bedroom with ensuite shower and toilet. That means the washer and dryer has to go. They are in good working condition. We don’t drive, so the Charity that is interested will have to pick them up. We would prefer a charity that will issue donation receipt for tax purposes based on fair value to help cover some costs.
    The appliances will be available in 2-3 weeks.

  9. Is there a charity in Ottawa that will:
    a) accept donations of washer/dryer, stove, etc. (all in good working condition);
    b) pick them up from my residence (in Gloucester, off Blair and Montreal Roads); and
    c) issue donations.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello, I would suggest contacting:


      Contact either:

      Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
      Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
      Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
      613-729-3145 ext 260

      Address: 219 Argyle Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2H4
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Attention Shahnaz Perveen and Christine Uwanyilgira
      Website: http://www.immigrantwomenservices.com

  10. Hi
    Does anyone know where I can get help with a washer dryer and fridge and stove in Ottawa I’m in serious need

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Roxy, I’ve been calling around for you … Salvation Army Thrift store doesn’t, St. Vincent de Paul doesn’t, but Habitat for Humanity has a stove currently, around $100 – they suggest you try them often as stock changes day to day. They are not free but relatively inexpensive compared to retail. City of Ottawa could have more resources to help you out …


      CharityWishList.ca is structured to help potential donors of items find charities that want what they want to give away. Unfortunately many charities do not accept large appliances as it is a hit and miss as to whether or not they will work properly. Best of luck.

    • I have an old fridge and stove that I want to donate. Do you still need them? They both need a good clean up but they work.

      • CharityWishList.ca

        Hi Denise, thank you for the offer of a fridge and stove. You would need to contact the charity of your choice directly please. CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, it doesn’t accept anything itself. Here is a list for Ottawa:

  11. Where could I donate a used kitchen?

  12. Hi there – I have an LG dryer (front loading) in good working condition that I would like to donate in the next several weeks. Are there any charities that will accept?

  13. I have a relatively new Westinghouse Fridge and Kenmore Stove to donate as I am remodeling my kitchen. Will donate but can’t arrange for transportation.

  14. I have a whole set of old kitchen untensils (forks, spoons, butter knives, carving knives) that I am looking to donate, is there any charities in the marking for stuff like that.

  15. I have a washing machine and dryer to donate; washer works great; dryer works slow (heating element is my guess that might need replacing)
    It is free if anyone wants to come pick it up.
    Has to be moved. It is presently sitting just inside my garage door unhooked and ready to go!!

  16. Hi there, we are group of 5, from india got admitted in carleton university as we are non locals our fees is way higher than what it is. If we get any things for free or lower price will be very useful for us, can we?

  17. testing comment form

  18. Hey there, I have two air conditioners to donate to someone in need. One portable, and one window that I no longer have a use for, both are in great condition. Where would be the best place to donate to those in need?

    • Hi Greg, I called the charity Ability First, and Christina Ranieri (Executive Director) could be interested. She is hoping you can provide her with photos and the dimensions of the units, and approximate weight if possible, and models, so she will then find out who needs them/would fit in their windows etc. Please email her directly at [email protected] Thanks for asking! – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

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