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Donate Used Books and Magazines (Ottawa Area)



Complete WishList: http://abilityfirstottawa.org/donations-in-kind-wish-list/

  • Story books
  • Piano books for children

Item Donation Inquiries Contact: Christina Ranieri  T.: 613-291-5422

Drop off (call first) at Collab Space (no pickups), 70 Bongard Avenue, Ottawa, ON

NOTE: Drop off at reception with item labelled for Ability First Ottawa – please call in advance to make sure someone is there to receive it: Collab space 613-319-2025. Thanks.


Types of donations WishList and where to bring the books:


Info on what they do and don’t accept: https://www.fopla-aabpo.ca/what-we-accept/



– Children’s & Adult’s

See their website for other types of welcome donations.https://stjoeswomenscentre.org/donations/

Donations can be dropped off to the Centre, Monday to Friday from 9 am – 3 pm

Address: 151 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N8




Donate books (not magazines), videos and music/vinyl, medical equipment, clothing, furniture (not large appliances), various household items. Drop off possible at 2 stores & home pick-ups possible.

Website: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca

Bins and Store (2) Locator/Contact information/Hours: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca/our-locations



“We are currently seeking donations of new or nearly new books suitable for children up to age 12.” 

For more information and drop-off locations please visit website at:

WishList: http://www.twiceuponatime.ca/get-involved/donate-books-2/

Pick-up arrangements can be made for donations of >20 books.


  1. I am moving from my place in Kanata in the spring of 2018. I have books and magazines I could donate to your orgnization.

    You would have to pick them up however.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Bruce, thank you for your message. I checked around and there is only one charity I could find that will pick up both books and magazines in Kanata. That is Saint Vincent de Paul Society. When I called to verify, Susan offered to contact you directly so I provided her with your e-mail address. You should hear from her shortly. (Note CharityWishList.ca does not collect anything itself, its like a directory.) I hope this is helpful.
      Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

      • I have 6 or more wine boxes of magazine.
        Mostly Car Magazines and National Geographic, both Regular and Traveler.
        I live in Napean. Do you have any interest in these, or know of a place that would. Thank you for any advice on this matter. I hate the idea of putting them out with the garbage.

        • Hi Carolyn, magazines are harder to rehome. I have left a message at an elementary school to see if they can use the magazines for their arts and crafts / after 4 program for reading/cut out for collages projects. You may also want to try someplace like the Royal Canadian Legion – they may be able to offer the magazines in their legion halls to give to vets who come by. I’ll contact you by email when I hear back. – Michelle

  2. Children’s books in good shape can be donated to Twice Upon a Time: Free books for Ottawa kids. For info on items not accepted and where to bring books:

    • Hi Leslie! Thank you very much for letting me know about Twice Upon A Time. I verified them against the CRA website and I have added their information to CharityWishList.ca Thank you, what a great charity! = Michelle Beaupre, Owner CharityWishlist.ca

  3. Hello Leslie,

    We have a significant quantity of used magazines including “Our Canada”, Canadian Geographic”, “Cottage Life”, “Air Force Magazine”, and “National Geographics”. We think they can be of some use to some organizations but not sure what that would be. We can deliver them to any Ottawa/Gatineau group that would be interested in them.

  4. Suzanne Gervais

    I have mystery books – Patterson, Cornell, Hoag, Grisham to name a few. Lots of hardcovers. Where could I donate them?

  5. Jacqueline d'Amboise

    Hi: We are moving and have the following number of items to donate: 1) About 100 music cassettes, all in great shape, from classical to country, rock, jazz, flamenco 2) About 5o VHS including Disney and many for children as well as others 3) Many boxes of books. We have both been University Professors so books in French and English, probably a few in Spanish and Chinese, as well as Greek, German. Novels, books of poems etc.

    Usually we would donate the books to the Ottawa Public Library but they are not accepting anything at this time.

  6. Jacqueline d'Amboise

    Hi: We are moving and have the following number of items to donate:

    I forgot to add some 50 or so LPs from Classical to Jazz and Blues

  7. Hi. I live in the Hull sector of Gatineau, and have a lot of used books to donate.
    Unfortunately I don’t drive, and I hate to throw them away!
    Anyone in need of them?

  8. Hi JJ, I would suggest contacting:
    “Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs de l’Outaouais (Big Brothers Big Sisters)


    Do you have clothes or used items that you no longer want to use?

    You can offer them to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Outaouais!

    We collect your donations directly from your house!

    195 rue Deveault, unite 10, Gatineau, QC Canada J8Z 1S7
    Email: dons@gfgso.com Telephone: (819) 778-0101 Contact us”

  9. Can someone tell me where can I donate old “Byte” and “Pouplar Electronic” magazines near nepean?

    • Hi Lawrence, I am still trying to find a location in Nepean for you. The Ottawa Public Library isn’t accepting book or magazines for now; Saint Vincent de Paul on Merivale isn’t accepting magazines and has a lot of books so they can’t take them. I have contacted some other places waiting to hear back from them. There is likely a STEM group that would be interested. Or even after4 program for cutting out images and doing collages (after the magazines have been quarantined for a bit.) I’ll let you know if I find someone that wants them. Please let me know if you find a home for them. Thanks, Michelle

  10. H. I am looking for a home for several boxes of fiction and non-fiction books. I manage a small library in a condo building in Ottawa and every so often need to make room for different books on the shelves. With Covid affecting numerous donation requirements a new home for these books is a little more difficult to find. Any suggestions? I drive so no need for someone to pick up.


    • Hi Diny, yes donating items is a bit more complicated these days. Thank you for looking for options. The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library have one newly designated location in Nepean for book donations, only by appointment. Hope this helps, here is the link where all the details can be found: https://www.fopla-aabpo.ca/where-to-donate/
      If you need other suggestions please contact me. Thanks, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  11. We have National Geographic magazines from 1971 until 1997 with leather holders .
    Could you advise where we could donate these in the Ottawa area? They are in perfect condition.
    We live in Ottawa and would be willing to deliver.

  12. I have love of Chinese story books can donate. Do yo know anyone will take it.

  13. Hi there! I have about 200 softcover books to donate. Mostly Patterson, Lee Child, Baldacci, Coulter, Flynn, Thor, Robert B Parker and others along that genre. I also have a number of Lonely Planet and Fodor travel books as well. Any suggestions? I can drop them off anywhere in the Ottawa region that is still taking books

    • Hi Kim, there are special arrangements for book drop offs to “Friends of the Ottawa Public Library” by appointment and only at one designated location with specific guidelines to follow please see at link https://www.fopla-aabpo.ca/where-to-donate/

      As well, Saint Vincent de Paul is accepting book donations at their two locations as well as bins throughout town. Their info is on my website under Ontario, Ottawa, donate books. Hope this helps. Thank you for looking for a charity to donate your 200 books, awesome!
      Michelle Beaupre

  14. Hi Michelle,
    We have two boxes full of textbooks (highschool – undergraduate) of different disciplines that we would like to donate. I am able to drop them off at any location that’s accepting such items.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi, thank you for wanting to find a new home for your high school – undergraduate books. The most ideal place to donate would be with the school they were used at – they could use as additional library copies, or give to students currently using them. A second option is Saint Vincent de Paul Society. They accept book donations. Here is a link to SVP bin locations: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca/our-locations hopes this helps. CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, providing contact info of charities interested in the type of items that people want to give away. You would need to reach out to the charity directly / drop off with them as I don’t accept any items myself. Hope this is helpful. Sincerely, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  15. Hi Michelle,
    I have roughy 400 Woodworking magazines, it would be a shame to put them in the garbage – any idea where they could be put to good use? I am able to drop them off at any location that’s accepting such items.

    Thx in advance

  16. I have an upright piano in excellent condition. Some of its keys are chipped, but the sound board is solid, and it would make a great instrument in a school, seniors’ home, or other place where it would get heavy use. I would be willing to pay for moving it if I knew it was going to a good home. Would a refugee family be a possibility, or community centre in an area with many recent immigrants? I also have a lot of piano books (K-8) that could be useful.

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