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Canadian Registered Charities near you could want the items that you want to give away. Quickly and easily find suggestions/links to WishLists pre-sorted by categories of items.
Could we BEE better caretakers of this planet? Yes.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Stuff too good to toss? Charities near you might want your gently used or like-new stuff.

Our environment. Our waste. Nature's problem is our problem. We can all help.

Charity Events Calendar

Many fundraising events - various organizations ... help out a charity or non-profit. Network, have fun, support great causes.

There are over 86,000 Canadian Registered Charities and well over 250 cities in Canada. Which charities near you want your item donations?

This website helps you find charities near you that actually want the type of item you want to give away. Then you contact or go to the charity of your choice yourself. Note: CharityWishList.ca does not collect anything, and charges nothing for providing and listing this info.

Go to "FIND - WishLists" top drop down menu above, select province, city, type of item.

Want to give away/donate used or new furniture, clothes, appliances, electronics, cars, toys, sports equipment, supplies, books, food, musical instruments, pet related items, points and other stuff? This website can make it easier, faster and helps our environment as well as charities and the clients they support. Thanks.
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