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Donate Musical Instruments (Halifax Area)






WishList: http://www.thriftstore.ca/nova-scotia/donating-goods

Halifax Drop Bin Locations: http://www.thriftstore.ca/nova-scotia/drop-bin-locations

7 Thrift Store Locations (drop offs): http://www.thriftstore.ca/nova-scotia/locations

To arrange a furniture pick-up, please contact 902-455-3196.



  1. Hi,
    I have a 100 year old Chickering grand piano I want to donate. It is not really toned periodically, but it overall condition is not bad. I am located in downtown Halifax.

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for taking the initiative to find a new home for the piano. It’s no secret that pianos can be quite challenging to donate, given their size and the associated relocation costs. However, it’s not an impossible task.

      I would recommend reaching out to local churches, retirement homes, schools, orchestras, Royal Canadian Legion hall. These organizations may be interested in accepting the piano if it fits their needs.

      If you’re able to access the make and serial number of the piano by gently lifting the top lid, that information could be valuable in your donation efforts. Researching the value of the piano can also be helpful, as it allows you to provide specific details when offering it to potential recipients.

      Alternatively, you might consider selling the piano to reach a larger audience and then donating the proceeds to the charity of your choice. This approach could potentially be more fruitful in finding a new home for the instrument. Some piano stores will buy old pianos if they see a profitable resell value (some restored old pianos can go for $30K).

      Best of luck with your donation efforts!

      Warm regards,
      Hope this is helpful,
      Michelle Beaupre

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