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Where donors & charities find each other.


CharityWishList.ca – Making it easier and quicker to give stuff away to Canadian Registered Charities near you.

To enable people across Canada to quickly and easily find, and self-connect, to a variety of Canadian Registered Charities near them that have WishLists containing the type of item(s) that the person in that moment wants to give away, to the benefit of our society and environment.


To maintain and grow www.CharityWishList.ca so that more cities and Canadian Registered Charities in Canada are included.

Why CharityWishList.ca?

  • If it is too difficult or time consuming to find a charity that wants the type of item being given away, it may end up in a landfill even if the item could have still had a lot of use left in it/is only gently used.
  • CharityWishList.ca helps make it easier and faster to find interested charities that want what the donor wants to give away, so the potential donor doesn’t give up before finding out who wants it, instead of tossing it away.


  • Landfills won’t fill up as quickly if we can prolong the lifespan of items, keeping them out of landfills longer.
  • More items for charities to give to people in need.
  • Charities might find that they need to rely less on government funding to meet the demands of their clients, so that’s great for the taxpayer in general.
  • Perhaps less crime if the basics can be acquired at little to no cost through charitable organizations.

CharityWishList.ca is free to use and charities are not charged. Registered as a business (so the name doesn’t get taken) the only income generated from this website since 2005 is from Google AdSense ads, when someone clicks on an ad.


Where did the idea of CharityWishList.ca come from? 

After a relative passed, we found it very difficult to find charities near us that wanted the contents of a house we were preparing to sell. It shouldn’t be so hard to give stuff away. An idea was born.

About the Founder of CharityWishList.ca

CharityWishList.ca was founded in 2005 by Michelle Beaupre, Fundraising Management Consultant/Contractor who continues to lead CharityWishList.ca. With a Bachelor of Social Sciences, full concentration in Sociology and full concentration in Music from uOttawa, and having earned the Fundraising Management Program Certificate with Honours from Algonquin College in January 2020, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

As the sole proprietor of Michelle Beaupre Fundraising Management (https://mbfm.ca), Michelle specializes in both fundraising management and website design. Michelle believes in the synergy between these two domains, as cause marketing initiatives can be mutually beneficial for businesses and charities alike.

Michelle’s services encompass the creation of Wix, WordPress, and Shopify websites tailored to the unique needs of charities, small to medium-sized businesses, and artists. Additionally, she provides consultation services for individuals and organizations venturing into website development, offering guidance and support every step of the way.

Beyond website design, Michelle offers comprehensive consulting and writing services, including fundraising management strategies, marketing, design, social media advertising, and various other aspects of fundraising and business management. Michelle’s goal is to empower organizations and individuals to achieve their fundraising and business objectives effectively and efficiently, for the betterment of our environment, community and lives.

Michelle Beaupre - CharityWishList.ca & MBFM

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