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Donate Sports Equipment / Sports Clothes (Kingston Area)



Toll-free from anywhere: 1-800-505-5525

Donations of sports equipment, clothing, toys, kitchen utensils, printer cartridges and cell phones are welcome at:

541 Days Road, Unit 10, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 3R8.

Phone: (613) 384-0767 (613) 384-0767

Email: [email protected]

WishList: https://www.diabetes.ca/get-involved/ways-to-donate

(Note: donated articles are sold to Value Village stores across Canada, which raises money for diabetes research, education, service and advocacy.)


Church Athletic League (Charitable status unknown)

The Church Athletic has an equipment donation box inside the Memorial Centre.

Sports equipment can be deposited: there are two (2) very large white container boxes inside the building.

Note that the building is not always open early in the day.

Any weekday after 2:30 PM the building is open/staffed

Open all day most weekends.

Note: The boxes are in a corner along the back wall inside the building – near where one could exit the Memorial Centre directly into the pool hallway.

These are pretty big boxes/containers – hard to miss.

Front entrance is always locked – use the doors on the south west corner – the big parking lot by the Fair Barns


  1. I have 2 partial sets of junior hockey equipment to donate. Like new condition. Is there somewhere I can drop it off?

    • Hi Paul, thank you for asking! I just sent a message to an organization that I think will be interested in the junior hockey equipment. As soon as I hear back I will email you. Best regards, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

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