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Michelle Beaupré Fundraising Management

Michelle Beaupré Fundraising Management and Website Design

Fundraising Management Services

Is your organization’s vision outpacing your current financial resources?

Do your fundraising needs surpass your staffing capacity?

Could your charity benefit from expert guidance and innovative solutions to enhance its funding strategies?

Is your website working as effectively as it should for you?

Let’s work together to develop a customized plan tailored to your organization’s needs, empowering you to secure the vital funds necessary to achieve your goals and fulfill your mission. 🚀💼 #Consultation #StrategicPlanning #EmpowerYourMission #WebsiteContent

Michelle Beaupré

Explore My Services for Canadian Non-Profits and Charities

  • Fundraising Management
  • Fundraising Collateral Design
  • Membership Outreach
  • Communication Plans
  • Mission Statement Writing
  • Newsletter Design, Writing And Sending
  • Sponsorship Prospectus Design
  • Project Management
  • Event Promotion
  • Social Media Content Design

Content Writing and Collateral Design Work

  • Newsletters, MailChimp Storytelling
  • Grant Writing
  • Annual Reports
  • Event Programs
  • Website Content
  • Communications
  • Conference Speaker Introductions
  • Membership Emails + More!


  • Website platforms: Wix, WordPress, Shopify
  • Website Builds, Website Reviews, Updates, Tweaks
  • Brand Identity Incorporation

Marketing Services

  • Marketing Material Design
  • Social Media Ads, Posting
  • Video Editing and Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Brand Identity
  • Pop-Up Banners (Print)
  • Flipbooks
  • Webinar Promotions
  • Design work for event posters, tickets, social media images, banner ads, etc.

Lighten Your Load, Boost Your Presence!

Feeling overwhelmed, short on staff, or lacking specific online expertise? Perhaps, your busy schedule has online business marketing slipping through the cracks, or your extensive to-do list needs some decluttering.

HERE TO HELP: Allow me to step in and alleviate the pressure.


  1. Expertise On Demand: Whether you’re understaffed or need a specific skill set, I’ve got you covered.
  2. Online Business Marketing: Let me handle your online presence while you focus on what you love.
  3. Task Management: If your to-do list is stretching too long, let’s streamline and conquer it together.


  • Proven track record in online marketing.
  • Flexible and adaptive to your unique needs.
  • Efficient task management to free up your time.

Ready to lighten your load and elevate your online game? Let’s chat! 🚀 #BusinessSupport #OnlineMarketing #TaskManagement


Schedule a Meeting

Zoom, eTeams or Phone Call

Email: [email protected]

Please ADD the words BOOK NOW to your email subject line so I know this is a real inquiry/request to be contacted. Thanks.

Michelle Beaupré, Sole-proprietor, Michelle Beaupré Fundraising Management (MBFM)
Fundraising Management, Honours – Algonquin College
Bachelor of Social Sciences, Concentration Sociology and Concentration Music – uOttawa

Founder CharityWishList.ca (2005 – present)

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