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Donate Pet Related Items (Toronto Area)




Items to donate? Please contact: Mark Raska  email: [email protected] to make arrangements.

“… dedicated to rescuing dogs from all over the globe and finding them loving, lasting homes. We do this by working with volunteers, foster homes and veterinarians, and, of course, our rescue partners.”


WishList: https://www.toronto.ca/business-economy/partnerships-sponsorships-donations/donate/donate-to-animal-services/our-wish-list/

T. 416-338-7539


Website: http://www.torontohumanesociety.com

11 River Street,
Toronto, ON M5A 4C2
Phone: 416.392.2273


WishList: http://www.torontowildlifecentre.com/wishlist

Toronto Wildlife Centre
60 Carl Hall Rd., Unit 4
Toronto, ON  M3K 2C1

Telephone: 416-631-0662


  1. Where can I donate dog coats and sweaters

    • Hi Rita, thank you for asking. What part of Toronto are you in, so I can suggest someplace close to you. I’ll email you. Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishlist.ca

      • Hi Rita,

        I have several female dog diapers and pads that I would like to donate. My dog was a Bichon Frisée mix and approximately 13 pounds.

        The diapers are xsmall. She passed away 2 years ago and they have been laundered and are in excellent condition.

        Please let me know where I can donate.

  2. Hi Rita, sorry for the passing of your Bichon. Have you contacted the two organizations listed here on CharityWishList.ca? Please try them first, then if they are not currently in need of the items, please do contact me again and I will look into other options for you. https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/toronto/donate-pet-related-items-toronto-area/

  3. Where can I donate dog items: beds, sweaters, toys bowls costumes

  4. I would also like to donate used dog clothing. The charities listed on the website are too far from my home. Are you able to provide locations in Brampton or Peel Region?

  5. Hello, can I donate a new and large bag dog food?

  6. Anywhere near Yonge and Bloor pick up? Dog clothes, costumes beds and pillows

  7. Is there any animal-related charity that will pick up items? I have a ton of towels, blankets, and cat items to donate, but I don’t have a way to get them all down to the human society.

  8. Can you suggest where I can donate reptile equipment?

    • Hi FD, for reptile related equipment donations …

      Try for Toronto:
      Toronto Wildlife Centre (not knowing exactly what types of reptile stuff you want to give I don’t know if they would be interested but they might be).

      Contact https://www.torontowildlifecentre.com/contact/

      Toronto Wildlife Centre
      60 Carl Hall Rd., Unit 4
      Toronto, ON
      M3K 2C1

      As well, although not a charity, for Toronto there is “Hands on Exotics” http://www.handsonexotics.com/contact. They don’t appear to be a charity but they do help reptiles.

      The same for Ottawa and Hamilton there is “Little Ray’s Nature Centre” (also not a charity)
      Ottawa Location – 613.822.8924
      Hamilton Location – 905.549.6868

      If none of the above are interested, you could also try animal shelters. Thank you for making the effort to find someplace that will use the items. Let me know how it goes – then I can look into adding the place to my directory for reptile stuff for the next person to have available.

      Hope this is helpful.
      Michelle Beaupre,
      (I also emailed you this response.)

  9. Hello, just wondering about a location to donate gently used dog toys in Scarborough? Near Morningside and Kingston? Thank you

  10. Where can I donate dog coats and sweaters? I am located around Ossington and Dundas and would prefer items to be picked up, but can deliver if close
    Thank you.

    • Hi Bree, thanks for wanting to find a good home for your dog coats and sweaters. I suggest contacting Stray to Play. Canadian Registered Charity. I just added them to the website a few minutes ago. STRAY TO PLAY (Toronto)


      Please contact: Mark Raska  email: [email protected] to make arrangements.

      “… dedicated to rescuing dogs from all over the globe and finding them loving, lasting homes. We do this by working with volunteers, foster homes and veterinarians, and, of course, our rescue partners.”

      Hopes this helps,
      Michelle Beaupre

  11. I’m an individual who voluntarily help the needy voiceless innocent street pooches in Sri Lanka within my capacity. That includes sterilisation..feeding..rescue injured plus find homes. I go to Sri Lanka Yearly and take with me whatever I can. I used to buy stuff donated to shelters yet at this moment they said to try on line. Then only I found this site. If you guys have anything within reasonable price let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi Rosanna, CharityWishList.ca is like a directory. No items are collected at CharityWishList.ca, so there are no items to give away. This website helps to connect donors to the Canadian registered charities interested in the type of donation. You might want to try partnering with a school for example, to help you get donations of dog items – maybe they could do a doggie drive to help your cause. Best of luck with your efforts. Sincerely, Michelle – CharityWishList.ca

  12. Hello, I have cat toys, beds, towels, blankets, water/food bowls, scratch posts, litter boxes, litter, carriage (big enough for a dog or two cats), grooming brushes, hamster cages, large size foldable dog wired kennel to donate on behalf of my dogs and cats whom passed. Would you please advise me where I can drop them off for those who can use them in Scarborough Ontario? Thanks millions for doing what you are doing!

    • Hi Ki, I have left a voice message at the Ontario SPCA/Humane Society to inquire about places in Scarborough for pet donation items. I will email you once I hear back. They are closed on weekends. Having difficulty finding a rescue specifically in Scarborough. Thanks for wanting to share the pet items with other animals that need them. – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishListca

    • Hi Ki, there is a Toronto Animal Shelter in Scarborough at 821 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1H 2X4, Tel. 416-338-7539. https://toronto.ca/animalservices

      WishList: WishList: https://www.toronto.ca/business-economy/partnerships-sponsorships-donations/donate/donate-to-animal-services/our-wish-list/

      Please let me know how it works out. If they accept all your items.

      Thanks for wanting to share the gifts from your pets. Sorry for your losses. Michelle Beaupre (I have also emailed you.)

      • Hi Michelle,
        Thanks for all your help and emails! I’ll check it out later in the week. Have a blessed day!

        • Hi Michelle, I’d like to give you an update on the items. I didn’t get to call the shelter on Progress Ave because all of the items I was going to donate were all gone to my neighbors within 2 days except the hamster cage. I went for a walk at my neighborhood dog park on Friday and met some of my friends whom I met when I used to walk my dogs and from there, people were interested in the items so now everything’s gone. I am happy that these items can be continued to be used and shared. I am very grateful to your hard work and willingness to assist me to find the information! I truly appreciate it!

  13. where can i donate clothing for small dog in scarborough

    • Hi Mary,
      The general phone number for animal shelters in Toronto is 416-338-7297. East Shelter specific: (416) 338-7539. They open for phone calls at 10:30 am.
      The animal shelter nearest you appears to be at East Shelter, 821 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada. But I would suggest calling them first to see if they will take the clothing for small dog.

      Another option …
      The Salvation Army thrift store would be a good place to donate the clothing to, and they would have drop-off locations. https://salvationarmy.ca/locator/
      D1 1255 KENNEDY RD
      PHONE: 416 751-8050
      7 1921 EGLINTON AVE E
      PHONE: 416 752-2929

      I couldn’t find any other pet “charities” in Scarborough, but you could likely find non-profit organizations. Or contact a local church and ask if they would like the clothes for their next fundraiser or garage sale, or if they know of a family in need. Or contact a vet office and ask if they know of a family that could use the dog clothes.

      Thank you for wanting to share the clothes with another fur-family.

      Michelle Beaupre

  14. Do rescues or shelters in Toronto accept bedding? I have lots of sheets and blankets, all cleaned and well stored.
    I know shelters in the States usually request it.
    I’m downtown.

  15. Hi Michelle,

    I am wondering if you have any advice on where I can donate some items for large dog: beds, sheets, towels, in Brampton.

    Thank you

  16. Hi Michelle,

    I have some gently used dog beds and crate which I want to donate, and I live in North York, Toronto, do you know where I should go?

    Thank a lot!

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