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Donate Pet Related Items (Toronto Area)



Website: http://www.torontohumanesociety.com

11 River Street,
Toronto, ON M5A 4C2
Phone: 416.392.2273



WishList: http://www.torontowildlifecentre.com/wishlist

Toronto Wildlife Centre
60 Carl Hall Rd., Unit 4
Toronto, ON  M3K 2C1

Telephone: 416-631-0662



  1. Where can I donate dog coats and sweaters

    • Hi Rita, thank you for asking. What part of Toronto are you in, so I can suggest someplace close to you. I’ll email you. Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishlist.ca

      • Hi Rita,

        I have several female dog diapers and pads that I would like to donate. My dog was a Bichon Frisée mix and approximately 13 pounds.

        The diapers are xsmall. She passed away 2 years ago and they have been laundered and are in excellent condition.

        Please let me know where I can donate.

  2. Hi Rita, sorry for the passing of your Bichon. Have you contacted the two organizations listed here on CharityWishList.ca? Please try them first, then if they are not currently in need of the items, please do contact me again and I will look into other options for you. https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/toronto/donate-pet-related-items-toronto-area/

  3. Where can I donate dog items: beds, sweaters, toys bowls costumes

  4. I would also like to donate used dog clothing. The charities listed on the website are too far from my home. Are you able to provide locations in Brampton or Peel Region?

  5. Hello, can I donate a new and large bag dog food?

  6. Anywhere near Yonge and Bloor pick up? Dog clothes, costumes beds and pillows

  7. Is there any animal-related charity that will pick up items? I have a ton of towels, blankets, and cat items to donate, but I don’t have a way to get them all down to the human society.

  8. Can you suggest where I can donate reptile equipment?

    • Hi FD, for reptile related equipment donations …

      Try for Toronto:
      Toronto Wildlife Centre (not knowing exactly what types of reptile stuff you want to give I don’t know if they would be interested but they might be).

      Contact https://www.torontowildlifecentre.com/contact/

      Toronto Wildlife Centre
      60 Carl Hall Rd., Unit 4
      Toronto, ON
      M3K 2C1

      As well, although not a charity, for Toronto there is “Hands on Exotics” http://www.handsonexotics.com/contact. They don’t appear to be a charity but they do help reptiles.

      The same for Ottawa and Hamilton there is “Little Ray’s Nature Centre” (also not a charity)
      Ottawa Location – 613.822.8924
      Hamilton Location – 905.549.6868

      If none of the above are interested, you could also try animal shelters. Thank you for making the effort to find someplace that will use the items. Let me know how it goes – then I can look into adding the place to my directory for reptile stuff for the next person to have available.

      Hope this is helpful.
      Michelle Beaupre,
      (I also emailed you this response.)

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