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Link to verify a charity’s status on the CRA website: https://apps.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/hacc/srch/pub/dsplyBscSrch?request_locale

For the most part, listings on this website are limited to only those charities that have Canadian Registered Charity status, sometimes, as well, non-profit organizations that fill a need in the community.

Rarely, I will make an educated exception and include a non-registered initiative and clearly mark in brackets next to the listing that they are not a registered charity.

  • For example, Brown’s Cleaners collects throughout the year, used prom dresses, shoes and accessories on behalf of Fairy Godmother Inc. in Ottawa, which helps students by lending dresses out for prom night to those who might otherwise not be able to afford to attend their prom. Fairy Godmother Inc of Ottawa does not show up on the CRA listing of registered charities. So although it is not a Canadian Registered Charity, it offers a rare and helpful service to the community. I make it clear that they are not a Canadian Registered Charity.
  • The choice to donate items to that or any initiative is in the end with you the donor.

Thank you for making the effort to find new homes for your still useable items.

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