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Donate Baby Clothes / Baby Items (Toronto Area)






Car seats less than five years old, foldable strollers and high chairs, maternity clothes, gently used toys and clothing for kids up to age 10. Call 416-365-1888 about dropping off donations at Jessie’s, 205 Parliament St.

Jessie’s offers services to women aged 18 or younger who are pregnant or have children.

WishList: http://jessiescentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Swap-Shop-List-2016.pdf

Website: http://jessiescentre.org/donate/



  1. Richard Espiritu

    Hi, My name is Richard, the company I work for has authorized me to look for a suitable company to handle our donation of baby items – mainly baby diaper bags and baby blankets. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss and go from there. Thank you.

  2. Hi there, I have some diapers, baby food, a diaper bag and other items to donate. Where would be the best place to do so? I don’t want to just toss them out.


    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Agueda, thank you for your inquiry. I would suggest calling Jessie’s at 416-365-1888. They may be interested in the baby items that you would like to donate. http://jessiescentre.org CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, it doesn’t collect anything itself, just let’s you know suggestions as to which charity near you likely wants what you want to give away. Hope this helps, Michelle Beaupre – owner, CharityWishList.ca

  3. Hello,
    I have an assortment of diapers, bottles, & baby products (cream, shampoo)
    Would you be interested in these and when would be the best time to drop them off?

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello Jennifer, thank you for your question. Please call 416-365-1888 about dropping off donations at Jessie’s, 205 Parliament St. (CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect items itself.)

  4. HI, I have a gently used crib that I am looking to donate. Can you please advise if there is a charity that will do a pick up as the Crib will not fit in my car?

  5. I’m not sure if my first message was received. I have a gently used crib that I want to donate, are their any charities that do pick up as it won’t fit in my car to do a drop off?

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