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Donate Used Furniture (Lanark County)




“We thank you for your kindness. Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue to provide support to women and kids throughout our community.



  1. I am emptying out my uncle’s house and he has lots of books -recipes/gardening/self help books. Are you interested in them. There about 20 boxes LCBO size.

    • Hi Lise, thank you for offering to donate the books. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect anything itself. But I do have the information on who you can contact in Lanark: the Lanark Library In addition to offering books at their Library, they also supply books for a “book hub.”

      And if you have any left over, you could try churches for their bizarres/fundraisers; schools if the books have content appropriate for youths. And if you have any leftover magazines, they could be used for arts and crafts programs (again if the content is appropriate.) Hope this helps.

      Lanark Library:
      75 George Street
      2nd Floor (Wheelchair Accessible)
      Lanark Village, ON
      K0G 1K0
      Phone: (613) 259-3068
      Email: [email protected]

      All the best,
      Michelle Beaupre

  2. According to the Rebound website, they do not accept large appliances, as suggested on this page.


    • Hi Moira, thanks, I haven’t listed a place in Lanark for large appliance donations. You left your comment on the Furniture page. But I do see how you ended up where you did by following the instructions on Lanark County Interval Site that referred you to the Rebound Reuse-it site without a link, and when if you search for Rebound it brings up The Hub website. So I called the Rebound site. I spoke to a Rebound person and the Hub is their sister organization. The person I spoke to said they will get that wording fixed. They should have had the word “small” before the word appliances so it would read “small appliances.”

      You may want to try a Habitat for Humanity Re-store. The closest I could find to Lanark appears to be Ottawa Stittsville ReStore
      3 Iber Road
      Ottawa, ON K2S 1E6
      Phone: 343-545-0481
      Email: [email protected]
      Or you can do a search for a Habitat re-store at: https://habitat.ca/en/restore/find-a-restore-near-you?mapView=map&mapLocationType%5B%5D=restores&mapProvince%5B%5D=ON&mapQuery=lanark%2C+ontario

      Another option would be to try local churches, they may be helping to set-up families. And with the spring they may be planning yard sales.
      Sorry I don’t have more on Lanark at this time. If you do learn of a place in Lanark that takes large appliance donations, please do let me know.

      Michelle Beaupre

  3. I will have two love seats available in December. They are recliners and have a little damage but are still in relatively good shape. I would like to donate them but they will have to be collected as I have no means of delivering them. Interested?

    • Hi Janet, you may want to try your local church to see if they are sponsoring a family that could use the furniture, and arrange for pick-up. You can also see if there is an immigrant support group in your town. CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, I don’t collect anything myself. The closes Salvation Army appears to be in Smiths Falls. Would that be too far?
      SMITHS FALLS Salvation Army Thrift Store
      PHONE: 613 283-8311

      If you have an animal shelter in your area, you might want to try them too. Sometimes shelters will take recliners because they make great photo props for taking the animal photos on for when they try to get the animals adopted.

      Hope this helps,
      Michelle Beaupre

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