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Donate Supplies – New/Used Office Supplies, Home & School (Ottawa Area)




Wish List

  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Arts & Craft Paints (non-toxic)
  • Art Canvas
  • Glue (non-toxic)
  • Sticky Tac
  • Tape (green painters)
  • Stickers (foam stickers)
  • Candle wax and wick
  • Crayons
  • Pencils (Color)

Item Donation Inquiries Contact: Christina Ranieri  T.: 613-291-5422

Drop off (call first) at Collab Space (no pickups), 70 Bongard Avenue, Ottawa, ON

NOTE: Drop off at reception with item labelled for Ability First Ottawa – please call in advance to make sure someone is there to receive it: Collab space 613-319-2025. Thanks.


Website:  www.CaringandSharing.ca

WishList:  Current needs to September 2022

For further information:

Communications Coordinator, the Caring and Sharing Exchange 613-226-6434, e-mail: [email protected]

[Note: only new; not used (but maybe some exceptions if in really great condition]


WishList: https://www.cartyhouse.org/donate-items/

  • E.g., Cleaning supplies (toilet paper/paper towel, rubber gloves, sponges, bathroom cleaner, toilet brushes, dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (menstrual pads); see their wishlist for more info.

Contact to drop-off items: Dominique Desjardins, Program Coordinator, Carty House
Email: [email protected]
Ottawa, ON 

HARMONY HOUSE (The only second-stage women’s shelter in Ottawa)

Contact: https://harmonyhousews.com/contact/

Donations: call 613-233-3386 to arrange for a place to meet to give your donations.

Email: [email protected]


WishList: http://www.hopewell.ca/donate/

Please let Hopewell know if you can donate the following:

  • Books and CD’s for our resource library (published after 2013) on the subject of body image, self esteem, eating disorders, disordered eating, etc.
  • Gift certificates to purchase books, office supplies and thank you gifts for volunteers.

Contact Hopewell
404 McArthur Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario  K1K 1G8
[email protected]    613-241-3428


WishList of items wanted in good condition:

  • house supplies like pots and pans, small appliances
  • furniture, including beds and mattresses, very good condition couches, tables, dressers
  • electronics including working computers, TVs etc.
  • washer/dryers
  • fridges/stoves

Note: if the distance to pick-up is long, it would be appreciated if the donor shares the mover’s expenses. Thanks.

Contact either:

Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
613-729-3145 ext 260

Address: 219 Argyle Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2H4
E-mail: [email protected]
Attention Shahnaz Perveen and Christine Uwanyilgira
Website: http://www.immigrantwomenservices.com 


WISHLIST: http://ottawahumane.ca/donate/wish-list/  see for more info


  • Disposable gloves (powder free)
  • Bounce dryer sheets
  • Household rubber gloves
  • Laundry detergent (preferable high-efficiency or powdered)
  • Dish soap
  • Garbage bags (size 38” x 50”)

245 West Hunt Club Rd.
Ottawa, ON · K2E 1A6
Telephone: 613-725-3166 x 252
Email: [email protected]


WishList: http://www.rideauwildlife.org/wishlist/

(See full list at link above for specifics.) Office supplies, cleaning supplies, caging materials (wood, wire mesh etc.), XLarge Rubbermaid containers, veterinary supplies, certain foods, web design and management, animal care supplies.


WishList: http://www.rmhottawa.com/ways-to-give/wish-list/

We welcome certain house supplies, certain food items, gift certificates for groceries, movie rentals, fast food etc. Click link above to view our full wish list.

Contact information/drop off location/map : http://www.rmhottawa.com/contact/ 

ST. BRIGID’S SUMMER CAMP [not running 2022]

Is in need of new or lightly used items. Please contact St. Brigid’s if you would like to donate.

  • Arts & Crafts (paints, brushes, markers, crayons, jewlery making & beads, any type of decorative crafts (feathers, foamies), scissors…)
  • Musical instruments (guitars…)
  • Games (Chess, cards, checkers…)

You can leave a voice mail or e-mail message at anytime. We are available in person Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm. All messages will be returned within 24 hours.

St. Brigid’s Summer Camp
Tel: (613) 742-8160
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: (613) 435-4653
Charity Number: 131 77 2451 RR0001

Website: http://www.stbcamp.ca  



SCHOOL SUPPLIES (please drop off no later than Aug 12, 2022)

See their website for supplies list. https://stjoeswomenscentre.org/donations/

Donations can be dropped off to the Centre, Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Address: 151 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N8




We run art/support groups for women and donations of art supplies are very appreciated!


Office: 613-725-2160
TTY: 613-725-1657
Fax: 613-725-9259
Email: [email protected]

P.O. Box 4441, Stn. ‘E’
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1S 5B4


WishList:  http://www.sghottawa.com/donate-items/

Call Ash at (613) 789-8210 ext 240.  Pickups of large quantities can be arranged (check first to see if you can simply drop off your goods at 233 Murray Street at Door #3 on the north side of the building everyday between 6:30 am and 9:00 pm.)

The following items are of the greatest need:

  • Toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, feminine hygiene products, razors (new), deodorants, toothpastes and toothbrushes
  • Men and Womens’ seasonal clothing including shoes
  • Linens, blankets and towels
  • Canned and boxed foods and fresh food is always welcome (fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Prepared food that has been properly stored
  • Bottled beverages like water, juice and soft drinks.
  • Mugs, bowls, plates, metal or plastic cutlery, paper cups and plates
  • As a special treat: Bread, Desserts and Fresh Fruit are always in high demand

MAP/Contact Info:  http://www.sghottawa.com/contact-us/

Donate new school supplies Ottawa Ontario 2021

Donate new school supplies, backpacks & arts & crafts supplies.

TOOLS 4 SCHOOL PROGRAM (School Supplies & Backpacks)


“We are accepting new backpacks and new school supplies for the Tools 4 School program again this year. And new arts and crafts supplies for our other child & youth programming.

(We run an after school program, parent-child programming, and an EarlyON program that we would love any donations of new arts and crafts supplies for our other child & youth programming.)”

Please call first 613-596-5626 x 304 to book an appointment to drop off new supplies at Emerald Plaza,
1547 Merivale Rd, Nepean
Website: http://www.nrocrc.org

Contact: Abir Abdullah
Email: [email protected]


  1. Martin J Conboy

    I run a design firm and we have numerous binders from old catalogues whuch we no longer require. Is there someplace we can donate these items?

    Thank you.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello Martin,
      Yes, I would suggest you start with contacting, if the binders are in perfect condition, The Caring and Sharing Exchange (Ottawa). https://www.caringandsharing.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=160
      They happen be looking for donations of:
      Binder dividers and
      Binders: new, 2 inches or smaller, plain colored, containing NO corporate logos or markings.


      St. Brigid’s Summer Camp, they look for donations of items that can be used for crafts; so binders to keep the crafts in / could decorate the binders as a craft I think would be a perfect fit. Contact info on my webpage:

      Ottawa Boys & Girls Club might be interested. Contact info also at same link, as well as some other charities you could try like SASC Ottawa. Let me know how it turns out. If you try all the above and still have some left over, just let me know and I’ll see who else might be interested. Thanks for finding a new home for the binders instead of tossing! 🙂 – Michelle Beaupre, owner CharityWishList.ca

      • CharityWishList.ca

        Martin, for large donations, please call Caring & Sharing at 613-226-6434 or email them at [email protected] so they can arrange for drop off or pick up the donated supplies. For small donation quantities, there is a list of drop off locations at the link I posted in my response above.

  2. Hello, The caring and Sharing web site link no longer works. Is there a new one.
    I have about 10 3-ring gently used binders to give and would be happy to drop off somewhere in Ottawa.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hi Suzanne, thank you, I have contacted the Sharing and Caring organization via Facebook. They were unaware of the website problem and will get it fixed as soon as possible. They would love to have the binders. Please contact Monique, e-mail [email protected] , she is the Communications Coordinator, and is expecting your e-mail to arrange for a drop-off time. Thanks – Michelle Beaupre, Owner CharityWishList.ca

  3. Good afternoon,

    We are looking to donate some of our office equipment.

    We have 3 office chairs, in great condition, 2 tiered cabinet, a coffee table (a little scratched), as well as a gently used shredding machine.
    Could you recommend where I could donate?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Melanie, thank you for your inquiry. My first suggestion would be to contact: OTTAWA BOYS & GIRLS CLUB

      “The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa graciously accepts some tangible gifts in-kind including furniture, supplies and gift cards. Please contact us to learn about our current needs. Please note: we do not accept unscheduled drop off of in-kind donations. Please contact us to make arrangements for pick up or drop off. E-mail: [email protected]

      We would appreciate supplies such as craft supplies, pens, pencils, coloured paper, any craft items, etc. We would also accept ticket donations, for example, movie passes, theatre passes, hockey game tickets, etc. These tickets / passes go directly to the children that we service. (We do not accept clothing, appliances, etc.)” – Boys & Girls Club

      Locations and contact: http://www.bgcottawa.org/locations

      See more at: http://www.bgcottawa.org/giving/ways-to-give

      Telephone: Stacie Stephenson 613-232-0925 Ext. 222

      Melanie, last I heard they were looking for office chairs.

      Hope this helps. Please contact me again if you still need further suggestions.

      Thanks for wanting to find a charity interested in your items!
      Michelle Beaupre
      Owner/Manager CharityWishList.ca

  4. I have many office supplies in good condition to drop off. Please let me know where. I also have 2 sofas in great condition but can’t drop off as I don’t have a truck. Someone would need to pick up and i’m in Gatineau (Aylmer). Please contact me [email protected]

    • Hi Kim, thank you for asking. I have left a voice message with Gatineau’s Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs de l’Outaouais (Big Brothers Big Sisters), to see if they would be interested/willing to pick-up from you in Aylmer. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them, and then you would contact them directly to arrange pick-up time if you are interested. Hope this helps. Michelle, CharityWishList.ca

  5. I have a huge supply of scrapbooking items (Papers, inks, paints, embellishments, lace, buttons, etc.) that I no longer use (I haven’t touched it in about 5 years) and rather than go through the horrible process of selling it, I was wondering if you would accept it as a donation?
    I would have it packed in big Rubbermaid containers if you are interested.

    Please let me know if this is something you could use and want.


    • Hi Linda, thank you for your offer. You would need to contact the charity of your choice directly (CharityWishList.ca is like a directory to help you locate charities near you interested in the type of item you want to give away. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect or accept anything itself.) I called Caring & Sharing Exchange to see if they would make an exception to their list of wanted backpack items for your arts & crafts stuff but they can’t accept items not on their list. They did suggest you try calling 211 and ask if there are after school programs that could use the items (great idea.) Also, on CharityWishList.ca there are options listed: for example, St. Brigid’s Summer Camp specifically looks for arts and crafts donation of items. And Boys & Girls Club might be a good one to try among the first to contact as well. I hope this is helpful. If you go through the list and call 211 and still haven’t found a taker, please let me know. I will look further for you. I’m fairly confident a new home can be found for your supplies. Especially with all the after school programs in Ottawa.

      Thank you for wanting to donate your items rather than sell or toss.

      All the best,
      Michelle Beaupre

  6. I had a small home business, my friend got sick and I was hi caregiver so between his care and my full time job, the business never really started (I used to do it in Toronto)….
    Silk flower arrangements are made with very good quality flowers (bought all from wholesale in Mississauga that are used by Florists). I still have about 40 arrangements very well made that could be sold to get money for charity. I also have several baskets and wreaths ready to use to make decorations..again could be sold for Charity.
    Do you know any organization that would be interested to pick the items up and have a sale for their charity of choice.
    The arrangements at a florist would probably go for $60.00 to $250.00
    Thank you

    • Hi Nancy, thank you for wanting to donate the flower items. Are you currently in Ottawa or in Toronto? I noticed you entered your question on the Ottawa page. Knowing this will help me to make the right suggestions for your location. Please let me know. Thanks, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  7. I have several gently used legal hanging folders. Would there be any charities who would want these? I coudl make a package of this and provide some paper clips, staples and highlighters.

    • Hi Tara, thank you for wanting to rehome the gently used hanging folders. There has been an influx of people going paperless so there is an abundance of folders going around. I will do a Facebook post and see if there is a charity interested. You may want to call 211 and ask if one of their services could make use of them. Please let me know if you find them a new home. Thanks, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  8. Hello. I wonder if you know of a charity that will currently accept the following gently used items

    – a stack of about 15 plates and about 12 soup bowls
    – about 20 unused face masks – construction style
    – a stack of gym towels
    – lots of cutlery
    – a few pieces (and growing)of winter head and neck ware.

    I had brought them back from our chalet specifically for SGH because the items are on their website as needed, but in fact they don’t need them now. I have tried about 8 charities so far and have had no luck yet. I am sure some place out there can use these.
    Thank you

  9. Hello,

    We’re in the process of downsizing our office space and will need to get rid of many filing cabinets, office desks, and other office supplies.

    I was wondering what would be the best organisation to help us in this process.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joey, thank you for searching for an organization that could want your donation of office furniture and supplies.
      I suggest contacting the Rideau Rocliffe Resource Centre. They distribute donations like yours to over 200 organizations, and would likely have the storage space to accept all the items at one time.

      They are listed on my website at page: https://charitywishlist.ca/select-province/ontario/ottawa/furniture-home-office-ottawa-area/

      Donate Used (and New) Furniture and they will distribute to local Canadian charities in need (they deal with over 214 recipient agencies.)

      Main website: https://www.crcrr.org/
      Their donation info & contact page (linked from their main page: Gifts in-kind Ottawa – https://giftsinkindottawa.ca/

      Ask for Mr. Ahmet Kapici
      Project Officer
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 613-745-0073 x 104
      Address (but please contact them before donating to make arrangements/confirm they can take your donation):
      CRC Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC
      Unit 3 – 815 St. Laurent Blvd
      Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3A7

      Hope this helps. There are also other options listed on my website.
      Michelle Beaupre

  10. Hi there!

    I have a bunch of pens – maybe around 20 – that are barely used or brand new. I looked at the list you kindly provided, but it seems the only place looking for school supplies is asking for them to be brand new and in packaging. Do you have any suggestions, please, where I could drop these off? Thank you so much! I am from Ottawa and I travel.

    • Hi, for pens, you could put in a ziploc, mark “Like new” and drop into a donation bin. Or drive thru the donation drop off window on Merivale Road.

      Here are a couple of suggestions:

      Merivale Road – 1620 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 3K3
      Wellington St. West – 1273 Wellington Street W., Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A6
      Donate clothing, furniture (not large appliances), various household items.
      NOTE: “We urge you not to drop off donations in our outside bins on on any Sunday (the bins don’t get emptied on Sundays). Your donations are precious gifts that are worth protecting.” – SVP Facebook
      Drop-off bin & store locations: https://saintvincentdepaul.ca/our-locations

      Donations of gently used clothing and household goods
      Many thrift store locations: http://www.thriftstore.ca/locations
      If you are in need of assistance, please contact 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

      Hope this helps,
      Michelle Beaupre

  11. Hello,
    I have about 100 or so plastic magazine holders. They are all in very good condition. I don’t see magazine holders listed as a requested item at any school or library. Can you please tell me where I can deliver these?

    • Hi Tina, I suggest contacting branches nearest to you of the Ottawa Public Library. They would likely be the best chance at having someone interested in such a large quantity. I already tried the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library and they don’t accept that type of item. You could also try schools for their art classes to hold projects in; or library (it’s not something that people are normally going to offer so they may want even if they didn’t list it.) Or local churches might be interested as display cases for garage sales of magazines. Hope these suggestions are helpful.

  12. Good afternoon,

    I’m in the process of moving and have a huge craft stash to get rid of. I have all kinds of things, block stamps, tissue paper, all kinds of adhesives for photos, sticky tape, random fabric, tons of ribbon, some googly eyes, punches, decorative scisors, all kinds of things that I just won’t have space to take with me.

    I have tried some of those links but the sites are no longer active. I feel like COVID killed alot of them. Can you make some suggestions for places that would still be taking these items?


    • Hi Pat,
      Sounds like a perfect donation to an after school program. Call any elementary school near you and you will likely find that they would love to have those craft items. I will review the organizations listed for Ottawa and update the website asap.

  13. I have a numerous of Cross-stitch pattern books and fabric that I would like to donate. Any ideas?

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