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Donate Supplies – Home & Office & School (Vancouver Area)



Wish List: https://spca.bc.ca/donate/other-ways-to-give/

Example of office supplies wanted (see wish list link above for most current needs):

  • photocopy paper
  • printing services
  • pens
  • post-it notes
  • staplers
  • packing tape
  • colour paper
  • colour markers
  • highlighters
  • pens
  • blankets, dog beds, towels, sheets
  • cleaning supplies like dusters, mops & mop buckets, thick gardening gloves, garden rake, leaf blower or weed eater

1205 East 7th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V5T 1R1
Telephone: 604-879-7721
Email: [email protected]

LOOKOUT EMERGENCY AID SOCIETY  is a charitable organization and social safety net that provides housing and a range of support services to adults with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options.

Always looking for donations of good quality items such as toiletries, furniture, kitchenware, and clothing. Drop off items at 528 Powell Street, Vancouver (open at 10am each day), or at the North Shore Shelter, North Vancouver, or the Russell Residence (and New Westminster Shelter), New Westminster. Still have questions? Please email Karen Young at email: [email protected]. See current wish lists: http://lookoutsociety.ca/get-involved/donate/

Contact Lookout Emergency Aid Society at 604-255-0340 for information on dropping off goods or making a donation.

c/o P.O. Box 21562
1424 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, B.C. V5L 5G2
Remember to include your return address so we can mail you a tax receipt.

  • Office Supplies/ public education materials (paper, paint, markers, button maker and supplies, lables etc)
  • Tupperware – new
  • Laundry detergent (ideally low or no scent and Dish Soap
  • Bedding for single beds (new or gently used)
  • Towels (Prefer white new or gently used)
  • Diapers
  • Baby items – diapers, sealed unopened formula etc…

For complete wish list see: http://www.rapereliefshelter.bc.ca/help/donate/donate#Donate%20Items

To donate items please call 604-876-0872 Monday to Friday 9.30-5.30 or email [email protected]


  1. I have 2 desks with hutches to be donated. They will need to be picked up. Located near Waterfront station

    • Hi Santana, I just left a voice mail at one of the charities. I am waiting to hear back from them. If they are interested, I will let you know to contact them directly. Please note that CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, to help you find a charity near you that wants what you want to give away. I don’t collect any items myself. I will follow-up with an email.Thanks for looking for a new home for the furniture! – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  2. Hi Charity wishlist,

    My name is Kim and our company is closing our office and we have lots of gently used and some that have never been used binders. Would you know of any charities in the Vancouver or Burnaby area that would be willing to take them?

    • Hi Kim, have you tried the two charities listed on my website? Aside from that, you could try the Salvation Army Thrift Stores. Either use a drop-off bin or bring into one of their many thrift stores. https://thriftstore.ca/locations Maybe call first. Select the location closest to you, their contact info will be listed. Hope this is helpful. – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  3. Hi, I have a ton of lightly used 3 ring binders (ranging from 1 in to 3 in) from our office. I would hate to have to take them to the landfill and would love to donate them to some organization.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Chantel, for 3 ring binders, I suggest contacting local schools for their art classes. Ask to speak to art teachers. I have found that art teachers tend to love binder donations so their students can keep their art projects organized and they can reallocate art supply funds that might have otherwise been spent on binders. You can also try After4(pm) programs in schools, same idea. For really large quantities, I suggest contacting a school board first. They might be able to take them all and allocated to various schools or classes in one batch. Hope this helps. Thank you for putting in the effort to avert premature landfill use, and getting the binders into the hands of someone that can make use of them.

      Michelle Beaupre

  4. Hello I have about 9 banks boxes of user Black Binders I am looking to donate.

  5. Hey! We have a ton of 2-hole punches that are brand new and won’t be used. Who would be a good candidate for these potentially?

    • Hi Sarah, for a large number of 2-hole punches, I would suggest contacting your local high school art department or elementary art or after school programs. They might find a use for them for art projects.

      Here is a start:
      Vancouver School Board
      School District #39
      1580 West Broadway Avenue
      Vancouver, BC V6J 5K8
      Phone: (604) 713-5000
      Email: [email protected]

      Or Salvation Army Thrift Store:
      Find a location nearest you: https://www.thriftstore.ca/

      Thank you for putting in the effort to rehome the punches first.
      Hope this helps.
      Sincerely, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

  6. Hi there.
    I have 200 Crayola Markers in 10 different colors plus 12 extra marker caps, never been used and still in a box. I am in New Westminster bc, and would like to donate to a good cause. Thank you.

  7. Hello. Any ideas of who could use x5 wire hanging file caddies and 20+ wire in baskets?

    • Hi Stef, for the hanging file caddies and wire in baskets, likely the art department of your local school might be interested in supplies like that to hold student art projects. Other ideas, summer camps, After4 School Programs.

      Hope this is helpful,
      Michelle Beaupré

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