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Donate Used Cars, Vans & Trucks (North Halton)




CAR HEAVEN  (Canada wide – but with just a few exceptions in Alberta)


Car Heaven Call Centre: 1 (877) 798-7701‬ or 905-388-5166

E-mail: info@carheaven.ca

Note: All of the vehicles donated through Car Heaven are strictly recycled and never go back on the road. 


Q. How much will I receive for a charitable tax receipt?
A. Certified recyclers in your area bid on the vehicle and the charity receives the full amount of the bid amount, which will also be your tax receipt amount. The minimum value of the tax receipt is based on the local scrap and parts prices. If you want to know the amount going to the charity please contact the Car Heaven Call Centre. Car Heaven will pick-up (but not from an alley or underground garage).


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