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ArtsCan Circle’s update re musical instrument donations

[Excerpt from ArtsCan Circle’s November eNewsletter – Nov 2, 2022]
“October was a busy month within ArtsCan and November isn’t slowing down either. About a month and a half ago, we shipped 3 skids of instruments to Pikangikum for current and upcoming workshops. In total, we shipped: a keyboard, complete with stand and stool, 4 amps, 2 electric bass guitars, 4 electric guitars, 7 acoustic guitars, 5 violins, music books, picks and strings, music stands.

The shipping logistics and journey to Pikangikum takes time but the instruments arrived mid-October. 
While we’re always looking for new or like new instrument donations for our music workshops, there are other things that come in extremely handy: extra guitar picks, current and classical music books/magazines, guitar and violin strings, tuners and amps.

We will be doing our final instrument drive of the year on November 26th and 27th, [2022] with the drop-off location being Sherbourne and Bloor St. East, downtown Toronto [Ontario Canada]. We are looking for new or like new, fully functional instruments from guitars and strings to keyboards to horn section. We invite you to submit any donations to our submission form.”

More info: https://artscancircle.ca/
ArtsCan Circle
18 King St. East
Suite 1400
Toronto Ontario M5C 1C4

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