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Donate Sports Equipment / Sports Clothes (Vancouver Area)



Website: http://www.recforkids.com
13379 68 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 4S7, Canada
T. 604-598-0322
Email: admin@recforkids.com


  1. I am looking to donate or recycle one set of downhill skis.

    • Hi Garth, thank you for wanting to find a new home for your downhill skis. You could try contacting The Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver: https://bgcbc.ca/get-in-touch/

      2875 St George Street, Vancouver. BC. V5T 3R8
      Telephone: (604)879-6554 · Email: info@bgcbc.ca
      (Note that I don’t know if they accept this type of item.I called but the person that handles donation isn’t working Friday. But I would suggest you try here with them.) Note that CharityWishList.ca doesn’t accept items itself.) If they don’t, let me know and I will try to find a charity for you. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hi, I have an elliptical machine that is about 7 years old, but hardly used. Do you know of any charities that I can donate it to? I need someone to pick it up as well. I live in Surrey, BC.

  3. Christine Dhaliwal

    Hockey equipment to donate. 6 pairs of skates for smaller children plus new adult men’s skates and lots of hockey gear. Please let me know if you have a place to donate to. Thanks

  4. Hi there, I would like to donate my elliptical. I’m moving out of province and don’t want to trash it. Thank you

  5. I have lightly used hockey equipment for kids that I would like to donate. Where can I do so?

  6. Hi, I would like to donate:
    -one pair of men’s hockey skates, with one steel blade that would need replacing
    -2 dumbbells
    Do you know if any charities could use any of these?
    Thank you.

  7. I have bags of used hockey equipment from a high school programme – looking to find an organization that outfits kids who can’t afford it.

  8. Hi. I have two large free-standing martial arts punching bags that I’d like to donate, but can’t find anyone that will take such large items. They’d also need to be picked up since they’re pretty heavy. Do you know who would be able to use such things?

  9. Where can I donate my old pair of diving fins?

  10. Where can I donate rugby gear in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area?

  11. I have a set of Mens soccer jerseys to donate, approx. 20 jerseys, various sizes from AS to AXL. Any ideas for an organization that could use them?

    • Hi Deena, I am looking into it. I will email you as soon as I come up with some options. Are they a set? Like all one colour for a team? Thanks, Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

      • Ditto this comment. Two sets of men’s soccer jerseys (20 each set)

        • Hi Jeremy, thank you for wanting to donate two sets of men’s soccer jerseys (20 each set) in Vancouver. I have sent an email to a charity (Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society) and I am waiting to hear back from them. Please let me know if you find a home for them in the meantime. CharityWishList.ca doesn’t collect anything itself, but I am happy to help suggest charities.

          Michelle Beaupre

  12. Brian Sully-Daniels

    Hi Michelle:

    I have 4 sets of men’s hockey jerseys (20-22 per set) that I’d like to donate.

    They are in different colours, red,white,blue and gold.

    They are in prety good shape and would also fit teens.

    • Hi Brian, that’s wonderful! I have reached out to Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver BC. They asked that I send them an email with the information. I just did and I have cc’d you on the email. If you haven’t heard from them in the next couple of days, maybe reach out to them to follow-up.

      Hope this is helpful,
      Michelle Beaupre
      p.s., please let me know how it works out

  13. Did the downhill Ski donation in 2019 work out? I’ve got some skis that also need a new home

    • Hi Rob, I don’t know what donation you are referring to, CharityWishList.ca doesn’t accept any donations of items. It is like a directory that helps you find charities near you that want what you want to give away. Then you contact them directly. You could try reaching out to https://recforkids.com for the Vancouver area.

      Hope this information helps; and thank you for wanting to find a new home for your equipment.
      Michelle Beaupre

  14. Hi. I have a set of hockey gear with great skates to donate. Good for 13-15 yr old appx. I’m in North Van.

    • Hi Chandra, Salvation Army Thrift Stores is a great option.
      241 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E9
      Store Hours
      Monday to Saturday
      10:00 am – 8:00 pm

      Donor Welcome Centre Hours
      Monday to Saturday
      9:00 am – 8:00 pm
      10:00 pm – 6:00 pm

      Or you could try a Canadian Tire Store. Some locations are collecting used sports equipment for redistribution.

      Or reach out to a local jr hockey club or skating rink.

      Hope this helps,
      Michelle Beaupre

  15. Looking for an organization who would appreciate a donation of jerseys, volleyball, basketball and soccer, for men and women, and a volleyball net. 12 soccer jerseys, 16 basketball and volleyball jerseys. All in excellent condition.

  16. My Dad has great set of golf clubs and bag..Love to donate them Thoughts:? IN Richmond BC

    • Hi Shasta,
      Thank you for your inquiry about donating your dad’s golf clubs and bag. For Richmond BC, I suggest contacting your local university’s or high school gym department. Or contacting your local golf club’s golf pro and asking if he knows of a dedicated golf student that perhaps can not afford their own set of clubs. Or you could donate to your local church for their yard sale.

      Or contact Richmond’s Boys and Girls Club:
      Address: 3800 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2T7
      Phone: (604) 813-1664
      Province: British Columbia

      A good standby is Salvation Army: https://salvationarmy.ca/locator/
      4 11300 YONGE ST
      PHONE: 905 787-8993
      1490 RICHMOND RD
      OTTAWA ON K2B 6S1
      PHONE: 613 726-7136

      Hope this is helpful,
      Michelle Beaupre

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