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Donate Used Electronics (Ottawa Area)

donate computer, electronics Ottawa


Example: Cell Phones, Computers, iPads, Tablets, MP3 Players & DVD Players


To see complete WishList: http://abilityfirstottawa.org/donations-in-kind-wish-list/

  • Laptops
  • Android Tablet
  • Interactive Books
  • Puzzles that make sounds or large piece puzzles
  • CDs

Item Donation Inquiries Contact: Christina Ranieri  T.: 613-291-5422

Drop off (call first) at Collab Space (no pickups), 70 Bongard Avenue, Ottawa, ON

NOTE: Drop off at reception with item labelled for Ability First Ottawa – please call in advance to make sure someone is there to receive it: Collab space 613-319-2025. Thanks.

BRUCE HOUSE: Supportive Housing and Compassionate Care

Sometimes there is a need for electronic wheelchairs. Gifts in-kind (non-monetary donations) help support our clients and programs in many ways. Gift certificates for grocery stores, pharmacies and large department stores help supplement the needs of those who live on a fixed income and aid programming costs.

For more information, please contact jill@brucehouse.ca

Telephone: Jill at 613-729-0911 X23

Address: 251 Bank Street, Suite 402, Ottawa ON, K2P 1X3


Any laptop working or non working is urgently required. WishList: http://compucorps.org/contact/

Please call Toe at: 613-234-8988

About CompuCorps.org

1040 Somerset Street W, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4L3  |  Email: info@compucorps.org



Heartwood House collects donations of computer equipment from the community. Items are inspected for usability, returned to service whenever possible or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The compensation to Heartwood is used in support of the vital work of our community of charitable organizations. The Ottawa community wins by ensuring that these items – some of which are harmful to the environment – do not end up in the landfill.” – Hartwood House website

See their website for detailed list of what is and isn’t accepted. $2 admin/recycling fee to help cover costs of items that can not be salvaged.

Contact info: https://www.heartwoodhouse.ca/contact


Wish list of items wanted in good condition:

  • electronics including working computers, laptops, printers, TVs etc.
  • washer/dryers
  • fridges/stoves/microwaves
  • furniture, including beds and mattresses, very good condition couches, tables, dressers
  • house supplies like pots and pans, small appliances
  • dehumidifier and humidifier
  • sewing machines
  • air conditioners, etc.

Note: if the distance to pick-up is long, it would be appreciated if the donor shares the mover’s expenses. Thanks.

Contact either:

Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
613-729-3145 ext 260

Address: 219 Argyle Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2H4
E-mail: infomail@immigrantwomenservices.com
Attention Shahnaz Perveen and Christine Uwanyilgira
Website: http://www.immigrantwomenservices.com


WishList: https://www.ovsarda.on.ca/donate
2413-7 Stevenage Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3W1
Telephone: 613-667-9948

  • Laptop (new or like new)
  • New training locations
  • Boat, motor and trailer
  • A place to store the boat (Ottawa East)


Electronic Devices:
Accepts flat screen TVs and monitors (but NOT Console type televisions and stereo systems), accepts desktop or laptop computers, audio /video equipment. The equipment must be working. In the case of computers, please erase your data. Also accepts videos and music/vinyl, medical equipment, books, clothing, furniture (not large appliances), various household items. Drop off possible at 3 stores & home pick-ups possible.

Lists of items accepted or not see: https://thrift-store.ca/donations/donating-used-goods/

Store Locator/Contact information/Hours: https://thrift-store.ca/ottawa-locations/ 


Complete WishList:http://www.thriftstore.ca/about/ways-to-give

Computers, iPads, tablets, cell phones, TVs (if tube no larger than 27″ & no pickups/ but yes to flat screen TVs any size), air conditioners (only in spring and summer), small appliances (working), lamps & light fixtures. Note: does not accept stove, fridge, laundry machines, and no wall units unless built for flat screens.) Electronics that can’t be resold are recycled.

Many thrift store locations (Nepean, Ottawa):http://www.thriftstore.ca/locations

Donate gently used clothing and household goods to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store! See wish list link above for more of what they do and don’t accept.

If you would like your items picked up free of charge, please call:

Ottawa: 1-613-247-1435 x. 228

E-WASTE?   http://recycleyourelectronics.ca Search by your postal code for drop-off locations near you (see green search bar at top of that website.)

Want to fundraise for your charity using e-waste? http://recycleyourelectronics.ca/office/how-can-we-fundraise/ 


In partnership with United Way East Ontario, Ruckify—the world’s largest online, peer-to-peer rental marketplace—can uniquely help through its rental platform, which offers the opportunity for individuals and companies to rent out items to their local communities.

But you are a key part of this equation! We’re looking for donations or rentals of the following items

  • iPads and tablets
  • Smart phones
  • Laptops and computers
  • Webcams

With your help, Ruckify will deliver these much-needed items to local social service providers who may not have the right technology in place to go fully virtual for their appointments, outreach and programming. This means that clients can continue to access the help they need, when they need it most.


  1. I have 2 laptops to donate but need the hard drives wiped. Please let me know if there is an organization that does this.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello Ronald, thank you for wanting to donate 2 laptops. I would recommend that you contact CompuCorps.org directly:

      “Any laptop working or non working is urgently required.”
      Please call Toe at: 613-234-8988
      1040 Somerset Street W, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4L3 | Email: info@compucorps.org

  2. Even after my repeated phone calls, voice mails and online form submission no one from CompuCorps has contacted me back for 7 computers and other electronics donation.

    Never again I’m going to waste my time with CompuCorps and would donate to someone else.

  3. I have 2 Sony trinitron tube tvs in excellent condition with remotes ( 37 in) for pick up only at least two people required for lifting or dolly

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello Gerry, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately tube TVs are very hard to find new homes for. Charities tend to not want them because they take up too much space to store, are very heavy and bulky to transport,there isn’t a demand for them and flat digital TVs are relatively inexpensive. That said, if you have two that work and have an adapter to work with the Digital service now in use, you could still try IMMIGRANT WOMEN SERVICES OTTAWA Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
      Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231
      Christine Uwanyilgira, Settlement Counsellor
      613-729-3145 ext 260
      (More info on my website:

      Or recycle (note that TVs can not be put in the regular garbage):
      Hope this helps, thanks.
      Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  4. you mention that you take tube TV’s that are less than 27″. I have a 20″ tube and 19″ tube with built in DVD player – I can lift and deliver – they are not the super heavy variety – fairly recent as far as Tube TV’s go.

    Are you still taking them at the Merivale location – I can drop off.

  5. I have a 55″ rear-projection television that I would like to donate. It is heavy and would require two strong people to move it. Is this something that you would be interested in? Thanks very much.

    • CharityWishList.ca

      Hello, thank you for wanting to find a new home for your rear-projection television. Because of weight and size it is harder to find charities interested in this item. However, I would suggest that you contact directly “IMMIGRANT WOMEN SERVICES OTTAWA”, Shahnaz Perveen, Transition and Housing Support Worker
      Telephone number: 613-729-3145 ext. 231, they are interested in TV donations in general. Website: http://www.immigrantwomenservices.com (Note that CharityWishList.ca is like a directory, it doesn’t collect anything itself.) Thanks, Michelle Beaupre, Owner, CharityWishList.ca

  6. I would like to donate some used cell phones. Are there any organizations that would be able to use them? What about if they have a cracked screen – are there organizations that will fix and donate them?

  7. If someone wants to donate a used good condition laptops/desktops computer please contact IWSO at shahnaz@immigrantwomenservices.com or call 613-729-3145 ext231.
    I have potential clients. thanks

  8. I have a working tv but old style, not flat screen. Is there any interest in that?

    How about an X-Box game set with games? Old but think it still works. Our kids outgrew it.

  9. Hi there,

    In the Kanata, Ottawa area…trying to find a place to donate 24″ monitors for computers. We have about 20 of them approximately. They work. Various models. Good Condition just down sizing offices and moving.

    I tried contacting the Compucorps place but no response yet.

    We also have lots of office supplies like Binders(some even new) and organizers and file folders, and holders. Just not sure of anywhere people might use these?

  10. Hello Betsy and Michelle,

    I volunteer with CompuCorps and we may be able to help you with the monitors. I will call you tomorrow. We have just moved and we request your patience!

    We have a van for pickups and we provide a tax receipt for the full market value when donated for our TechReuse program.

    As well, we are having a Back to School -Tech yard sale – in Westboro on Saturday, Aug 28th and an Ottawa outside donation event on Aug 27th. Those days could be a great time for people to donate and to get instant tax receipts or to drop by for some cool tech stuff.. Check EventBright for free tickets. Stay safe everyone.

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