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Stuck indoors on a snowy winter’s day?

Carpe Dium/seize the day!

Recipe to feel good on a cold Canadian winter’s day:

Step 1: Sort through those piles of stuff you might want to give away and bag or box them.

Step 2: Go to www.CharityWishList.ca and find out which charities near you might want what you want to give away.

Step 3: Schedule a pick-up; or when the weather is better, drop off the stuff at a charity near you.

Reward: You’ll feel great and charities and the environment will be the better off for your efforts! Someone out there might really need what you haven’t used in years.

What a great feeling to know someone is warm because of you.

Hot chocolate or hot toddy and or cookies as treat for a job well done, optional. Maybe pass on a challenge to your friends and/or family to do the same. Win-win-win 🙂


Owner, CharityWishList.ca

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