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Suggest a Charity

Do you know of a Canadian Registered Charity, that isn’t already listed, that wants items donated to it? Please let me know, I will look into it and verify through the CRA charities listing webpage, and with the charity, and then update the CharityWishList.ca website …

Suggest a Canadian Registered Charity

Your input is wanted.

Please provide as much of the information as you know, so I can verify/add more charities as quickly as possible. I want to help as many charities as I can, and the people and communities they help through them, during this difficult period. Thank you for helping.

    Menu Bar Info: Under which Province should the suggested Charity be listed?

    Select one or more donation item category (ies) for listing the Charity under (required)
    AppliancesBaby ClothesBooks & MagazinesCars, Trucks, VansClothesElectronicsFoodFurnitureMusical InstrumentsPet Related ItemsSports EquipmentOffice/Hm/School SuppliesOther Items

    Suggested Charity's Contact Info:

    Thank you for your suggestion, and for filling out as much of the information above as you know!

    Michelle Beaupre
    CharityWishList.ca / MBFM Michelle Beaupre Fundraising Management
    https://CharityWishList.ca & https://mbfm.ca

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