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It Might Surprise You

It used to be pretty obvious who the recipients of donated items are. That’s not so much 556513_365428950200664_1770923176_nthe case these days. Increasing hydro rates, lost jobs or minimum wage jobs, folks well educated but not currently in their field of work because what they should be doing is no longer in demand; all these, for examples, have led to an increase in what so many relate to as an all too familiar group called the working poor. And of course there is also no shortage of homeless people who must rely heavily on the donations and kindness of others.

So when you see something in your closet that you haven’t used for years but it is still in good condition, maybe think about donating that item to an organization who can match it up to someone who could really use it. Maybe use this as an opportunity to pay someone’s kindness forward. And when you pass a stranger on the street, lend a friendly smile, you never know who might be making use of that thing from you that otherwise would just be collecting dust. Restore the value of the item through someone else’s eyes, and feel good about yourself knowing that you did good for others. Thanks.

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