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To Keep, Toss, or Give

fondo negro ondasFavourite tips for organizing and sorting through what to keep, toss or give away.

Take four containers, for example printer paper boxes or clothes baskets.

Tape a sheet of paper on each basket or box, and on the paper write with a marker one title per box:

1) Keep

2) Maybe give away

3) Give away

4) Return to owner

Put the clothes baskets or boxes in front of the closet or inside the room that you are going to tackle. Put on some music (hey, can’t hurt and the efforts will go by faster and be more enjoyable).

If anything is not already in the place that it should be, pop it into one of the containers according to which labeled container is appropriate. Go through the closet or room and if the item qualifies for box 2, 3, or 4, toss it into the appropriate box.

Then put away the ‘Keep’ items; decide what you want to do with the ‘Maybe give away’ items, add to the other boxes once you decide, then box up or bag the ‘Give Away’ items; and return any stuff that made it into the wrong person’s room – someone might be very happy to see their item again. Look up on www.CharityWishlist.ca which charity wants your stuff that you have to give away and make arrangements to drop your stuff off or have someone pick it up.

You will feel like you have accomplished something, see a difference, make space. And someone will benefit from getting the stuff that didn’t serve you anymore. Win-win. Great job!

Clutter Video Tip: Good Riddance! 5 Good Reasons to Declutter & LET IT GO

Found this video on YouTube. It makes some good points, so I’m sharing it with you.

Please come back to my Blog often for more tips and ideas. Thanks for stopping by! – Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca

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