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Over 85,000 Registered Charities in Canada

Did you know that there are over 85,000 Canadian Registered Charities across Canada? donate used furniture, used clothes, used appliances, used cars, used office supplies, used baby clothes, used electronics, locate food banks.

Out of all those charities, some needs are the same, and some needs are different.

It’s easy to give away money, but only SOME will be interested in certain types of donations, for example, like your used couch, or microwave, old bed mattress or left-over renovation stuff. Maybe after renovating you find that you have used fixtures or cabinets etc. that you no longer want but that still work perfectly fine? Did you know that Habitat for Humanity would love to have them for their ReStore? They would also love your gently used building materials – even used cabinets and light fixtures!

So which charities want your stuff? What’s on their wish list? How do you contact them easily and quickly? Do they pick-up? Check out www.CharityWishList.ca to connect to charities near you that actually wish to have what you want to give away. It’s fast and easy to connect to a charity near you. The charities are already sorted by location, and listed within 14 categories to choose from of items to give away (with an “Other” category to catch the things that are not covered by the categories already listed).

Eliminate the “no thanks, we don’t take that here” response that is so often heard when trying to do the right thing and give something away. Connect to charities from the pre-sorted lists and hear “YES! We do take that here, that would be wonderful! Yes please! And Thank You!!!”


Michelle Beaupre, CharityWishList.ca


  1. Great site very useful.

  2. How do we register our registered non profit charity? Thank you.

    • Hi Diane, thanks for your inquiry. If you send me an e-mail at either [email protected] or [email protected] with a request and include the url link to your registered charity’s website WishList, and mention in the e-mail which categories you would like to be included in, I can then do a check on the CRA website to confirm your organization’s registered charity status. Please ensure any info regarding what you accept and your organization’s contact information for people to contact regarding pick-ups/drop-offs etc is at the WishLish link you provide as that would be the link to be listed on http://www.CharityWishList.ca. Note that ChairtyWishList.ca does not collect anything itself. People would be contacting your organization directly regarding inquiries and donating items directly to your organization. I currently don’t see a WishList on your website. Once ready, please let me know.
      Michelle Beaupre

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